Jun 13, 2012

Memorial Day with the Rents

So I mentioned that I got to spend the weekend with my parents! With the crazy summer that I have it was great to get to take the long weekend and spend time with my parents in the good ol Lake Charles.

Great weekend!

Mom's birthday was Friday so I got in a little early just to be festive. Saturday we filled a cooler with drinks and watermelon for my Dad who just so happens to be building a pool house in our backyard. Crazy!

And since I'm super-handy of course I helped.

Excuse the fact that the angle may or may not cause the woman at the top of the ladder to gain 27 pounds. Just ignore that... (Oh and that's my dad on the right... he's SOOO handy. He knows how to build an entire house!)

But I try to be as handy as I can. I think over the years I've learned that it's convenient to know how to fix things, repair things, build things.  And my Dad knows how to fix everything so I figured I'd pay a little attention while I was home for the weekend.

I also convinced my parents to take graduation pictures with me. Yep. See I was in Colorado on the day of my Master's graduation and I missed it. I knew I would, but when you finish your degree out of state, online, with a million edits and copies of thesis-ness in the mix, unless you attend graduation, it doesn't really feel over. I didn't have my diploma yet (it's in the mail) and I didn't have any pictures in my hat and hood and everything.

So when I remembered that my brother's girlfriend Kari graduations the same day, same time, from the same school, and the same department as I did. I realized that she would have the correct graduation attire. So I called her up and borrowed her stuff. And then convinced my family to take these.

Now it feels real!

So we swam and ate yummy food and hung out with family Aunts Uncles Grandma Cousins, all kinds of people. And then we swam and ate some more.

I love my family. And I love that I can convince them to dress up with me and pretend we're at my graduation ;)

Happy Family-time... and Happy Graduation.

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