Jun 28, 2011

Papertowels and Surprises

So tonight I decided to eat one of the delicious super juicy peaches from my kitchen. Of course with all it's juiciness I knew I needed multiple paper towels to prevent a mess.

See today I've been cleaning the house in preparation for some ladies coming over tomorrow night, my family coming in this weekend, and of course because I just like to have a tidy house. And the kitchen is all disinfected and everything.

So as I went to grab a paper towel I was saddened to find a long hair on the top of the paper towel roll. Do I need to clean again, how'd I miss that.

Then the two ends of the long brown hair wiggled!

And I knew my friend was back. See a few nights ago I came home, flipped on the lights and watched a cockroach scamper under my refrigerator. Yep, COCKROACH! In MY kitchen! I posted on facebook hoping someone would have a simple way to kill every cockroach everywhere using only household cleaning products and food ingredients. No avail. People just said "squish it."

But back to tonight and the paper towel roll that was waving at me. It was the ROACH, I knew it. And how would I get him. I knew he would scamper. I knew I'd scream and then he'd crawl on me, and I'd scream and then there would be a million of them and then I'd pass out.

Luckily I was strong. I armed myself with a spatula and a broom and I attacked the paper towel roll. I chased him through the kitchen window miniblinds and I did not let up. I chased him across the sink and back across the counter top and back across the sink! I watched his little legs squirm and I squished him until well the end result was too gross for a picture.

But I did it. I felt very proud of myself. I re-disinfected the counter tops and now I just need to stop flinching every time something tickles my leg. And also I'm praying for no cockroach nightmares.

Use that info someday. And go ahead, kill your own cockroaches :) And sweet dreams.

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  1. Brittany, I feel your pain! One time Marcus was gone for a week and I found a spider in our bed. I tried to kill it but he scampered away and blended in with our dark brown bedding. So I slept in the guest bedroom until Marcus got home, and when he did, the spider was still alive! It was horrifying. I'm glad you didn't pass out. :)


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