Jun 8, 2011

That Morphy Thing

So while I hate that my husband and I are 763 miles apart... we have been having a good time down here in Texas...

Last night me and the roommate Lindsey found a little website called MorphThing.com

You know, those sites where you can morph your face with someone else (a celebrity even) and laugh at how silly you look. Or you can click "Baby Morph" and it makes a quite hilarious picture of what your future baby could look like.

So I figured I'd share.

First it asked us if we wanted to Morph with the President. Sure.

That'd be half me on the left and Lindsey's on the right...Hahhahahahha

Or me and Justin Beiber? (So moody.)

Then I figured I'd morph me and Kyle (so no one got jealous, lol). So I took these two pics (they had to meet certain specifications):

And this is what we got, lol...

I had no idea that Kyle and I looked so much alike! But then what about babies?

Oooops. Hopefully when the time comes to have kids we'll have better luck, lol. That kid looks scared.

If you have extra time this summer. I highly recommend it.

More to come on my adventures with Chip the Sewing Machine Salesman :)  See I'm working on that list.... so far: attempted #4, working on #8, failing at #11 due to the horrible taste of the water at work, and about to complete a portion of #14 this weekend!

Go ahead. Have fun today, and if you can, spend a few minutes being totally non-productive :)

1 comment:

  1. Brittany, That pic of you and Kyle morphed together is totally freaking me out but it made me laugh out loud in the library! Miss you!
    Love, Natalie


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