Jul 8, 2011

So We Were on Vacay...

In the last week I've had more fun than ever. Yep, my husband is still far away... but it was time for the KINGSLEY FAMILY VACATION!

Why all caps? Because last time we went on a vacation was 2007, and it was about time.  So for the next few days you get to hear all about it. The craziness, the funny stories that dad will wish I never told, our great deal on a fancy hotel, and of course SIX FLAGS!

Again, why all caps... because well, long story short: Every year when school let out the Kingsley fam would head to Houston for a day or 2 and go to Six Flags Astroworld. We have more stories from that place than you could imagine... then we got "too old" or "too busy" or something... and it shut down. So Six Flags vacation = the best ever!

More to come... but in the next few days Kyle's sister's getting married, I'm up in Oklahoma, meeting that new little niece, and flying to Colorado. AKA We'll be busy.

The good ole Kingsley Kids.

It's hard to explain this one... I'll try later. But just imagine it's 100 degrees outside and there's a fan and cool water blowing from the left hand side of the picture...

Can anyone tell me and mom (AKA my twin) are related?

More to come... much more. And go ahead. Enjoy your family today! :)

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