Mar 1, 2011

Little Window into the Lives of Us

So we've had a few exciting days...

I beat Kyle in Monopoly on the Nintendo. This is only the second time I've beat him in a game of any sort in the almost 4 years I've known him! (Last time it was dominoes in the fall of 2008 in Oklahoma City, OK.... it was that memorable).

We washed Kyle's truck in one of those "fancy" drive-thru car washes. I told Kyle that the money spent should come out of our entertainment fund.

We went to the movies on a real date. Nope, I didn't see this movie (but isn't that fun). And then we saw the King's Speech. Congrats to the King's Speech for winning all the awards that we were too tired to stay up and watch you win! 

So sure, our excitement may not be Times Square or anything, but it makes us happy and we feel blessed. 

Stay tuned for:
- Updates about that crazy Thesis Proposal, school, etc.
- Pics from our Weekend with the Taylors!
- And more crazy shenanigans, as always.
- AND the new blog header for the Month of March!!! National Nutrition Month!

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