Mar 6, 2011

Nerdy Updates

So I've been overdue for an education update. Lame, maybe. But not really for all my fellow nerds.

I have not told you about the Thesis Proposal!

I had my proposal committee meeting last week all the way in Ruston, LA. And it was wonderful! I passed, they approved and the proposal is now headed off to the university for their approval. Next step: reformat the proposal to meet the hospital's standards so that I can submit it to them too to be approved!  And then after all that, I may be allowed to start my project. Funny how that works. But I wouldn't want someone to be doing research on me that wasn't thoroughly approved either!

That Upcoming Exam

So yes, I have yet to take my big exam due to oh, marriage, moving twice, summer camp, starting a new job, writing a thesis proposal... but it's about time. So I decide to schedule my test date and I look up the nearest testing centers. Remember that I love in East Texas, so I expected to at least have to go into any nearby city to take the test. Nope.

Apparently there are no testing centers in Shreveport, Baton Rouge, or Lake Charles. I can go to the ONE testing center in Dallas and fight the traffic. Or it seems small towns outside of bigger cities have testing centers like Bossier City to Shreveport or Addis? to Baton Rouge.  Spring Break for the testing center in Bossier City has put a kink in my testing. So I feel like I'm back a square one. Kyle recommended Beaumont. We'll see.
Never the less, I'm studying at night and could tell you more about water balance in the human body than you ever wanted to know. Just ask Kyle.

Spring Grad Class is Starting

So as you know, I'm working towards the Master's and that means I also have a few classes remaining; no nutrition classes left, but two different statistics classes...  We're on what they call the "quarter" system which means classes just started and I'm always a little worried when they do the math on the syllabus and it says the course will take 12 hours a week.  I did more math: that's over an hour and a half a day! But nevertheless, it will help me greatly in completing the statistics for my thesis.  Did I mention all of this nerdy stuff doesn't leave much time for a personal life :)

Not sure if I'm ready for life to look like this again. But honestly I'm not sure I ever stopped :)

March!!! National Nutrition Month® 2011

You should get very excited about the updates you'll be getting this month about "Eating Right with Color" as the American Dietetic Association sponsors yet another great National Nutrition Month®!

Really don't worry. It will be fun! I won't make you too nerdy... I don't think it's contagious like that.

Soon to Come: Major fall yesterday! Story and picture to come...

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