Mar 8, 2011

Do you know what today is?

After a week of playing catch-up reviewing what was done days before, I didn't realize what day it was until I looked at the calendar.

I know, if you're in Louisiana it's Mardi Gras today. You are in the wonderful world of king cake and days off school and work and all the things that make Louisiana great. 

But actually that's not the celebration I was talking about. Today March 8, 2011 is the day Kyle and I have been married for 10 months! Ten! We were very impressed with ourselves. Tonight I cleared off the kitchen table (a long overdue task) and we had dinner at the table like real people. Not too fancy, just smoothies and hot sandwiches Mama Taylor style. But we loved it.

Over dinner I asked Kyle "What have you learned about marriage this far, like what advice would you give to a friend?" He responded that he'd tell them it's hard work, but worth every minute. And I agree. Sometimes I surprise myself with how I react, because I'm reacting just like that girl I always said I'd never become. But Kyle is patient with me, and then we end up all smiles by the end.

Marriage is good. If you haven't yet, you should try it some day. (Of course when God gives you that person to marry and all those requirements).

Happy 10 Months to us. I told Kyle that he is doing a good job. Because he is.

[Oh, sorry... it's also my wonderful Uncle Bill's birthday, who on my wedding day told Kyle that he better take care of me because my family like me :) ]


  1. CONGRADULATIONS ! we love you both..still think you need a little-one(Puppy of course).Next to babies they are the best!!! Aunt Billie

  2. Marriage is a wonderful thing and as you both walk with God, it only gets better!
    Always remember communication is crucial!!!
    Congratulations on 10 months. Janet/Mom


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