Feb 24, 2011

Seat Belts and Tulips

In Bible study this week we talked about the wisdom God gives you by God giving you "experiences" to learn wisdom. We mentioned that most of us have that "we endured a long distance relationship" wisdom.  No, that wasn't in the lesson, but in the chit chat before we got started.

Anyways, this Valentine's day I put some of that wisdom to use. 

My wonderful husband got me tulips and I said, "They are so pretty I wish I could look at them all day!" and so Kyle said, "then take them to work with you."

This is what happened: (Remember I drive 45 miles to work.)

See, that's one thing you learn in a long distance relationship. How to get flowers in one city, and still enjoy them in another. And yes that's the seatbelt and jackets as cushion for the vase.

And then I got to look at those all day! For days!

What "experiences" has God used to give you wisdom? And is it as useful as a seat-belted bouquet of tulips, or more maybe :)

And yep, I know the top picture has not changed for February... I had great Valentine plans for the picture, but then I got busy and hoped no one would realize because February is the short month.

As always, more to come. :)

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