Mar 3, 2011

Plan Much?

So today I logged on to the world wide web to order my newest textbook for my newest grad class. I will mention, as a side note, I'm considering buying more locally rather than online, but I called the stores near, and no one had this book…
So I'm online and I find my very expensive book and go through the ordering process.  Then I think about it and realize that I could go ahead and order a planner while I was ordering something and only have to pay shipping once.
Sure, it's March, and you are wondering why I have not bought a planner. For someone with as much going on as I do, why no planner?
Well it turns out that last semester in Bible study I realized my list-making habit, and I tried to quit.  And I thought I did. I thought "oh look at me, less stressed "list"less, and oh so happy not to be nailed down to a planner."
Then I came back to reality. I've simply turned to post-it notes constantly at work, only to lose the post-it and to panic!
So after my teacher sent the first due date for my statistics class, I realized planner = necessary.  And honestly, I kind of wonder if that's why I've been so stressed lately… because I've been living without a planner, without a "schedule," and maybe, just maybe, I need one.  Maybe I was not born with a planner in hand… but maybe I was.
So I hopped online to find the planner of all planners… the ones my good friend Kate introduced me to a few years ago and I've fallen in love with.  In 2010 I went to the store too late and they were out and I had to buy a different one, and that was too hard!  So this year (late again) I call up the store and the guy on the phone tells me they don't have it.   Amazon has it for like $30, and that's way too much.

So I got to the company's website: Gallery Leather. Wow. These are great planners. They slip right into a purse or booksack or briefcase, they make me look professional but still classy, and they have one week on two pages without time of the day every line, I love it.  I buy the Gallery Leather Weekly Desk Planner in Freeport Mocha.  Don't be confused, by desk planner they don't mean as big as a desk, they just mean bigger than your pocket, or 8 ½ by 5 ½ inches to be exact.

I'm going on and on, I know. And they aren't even paying me to say this. But I cannot wait for it to arrive, and I cannot believe I only paid $11 for it.
So even though it's March, if you haven't already: go buy a planner that you absolutely love, and try to be a little more organized than a post-it.

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