Mar 13, 2011

Interesting Times before Study Mania

Wonderful weekend...

This week I'll be away studying my head of for my upcoming RD exam.  But in my absence I'll leave you with these... AKA a weeks worth of blog pictures :)

This is what my knee looked like after last week's carpet-burn fall. I'm glad to report that it's healing nicely. I'm sad to say I don't have time to tell the story right now. It's hilarious; and I'll post it someday. No doubt it'll happen again.

I was trying to figure out what shape the scab was in?? Any ideas?

THE planner came in. I started using it last night. I feel an indescribable relief not having to remember everything but being able to simply write it down.

I made Christmas cupcakes due to all the studying. They smelled like Birthday and looked like Christmas. And what more could you need to make you happy?

We got to use our new grill for the first time since we got it... oh about a year ago as a wedding present. 

MOST OF ALL: We went to Fresh! If you haven't heard, Fresh is a new Whole Food, Central Market type grocery store of the Brookshire's chain. This is actually the first one ever, and it opened this week! Here in small town or big town nearby, we don't have much variety in produce. But NOW we do! 

I'm not all about super expensive food just for the fact that it's expensive... but I am all about 15 different types of peppers or 20 kinds of apples to make life happier! 

Wish I had pictures of:
 - Wonderful dinner with friends!
 - Honestly the best (or first) Seafarers game I've ever played.
 - My first Taco Bueno experience.  It was quite comical.

More fun to come soon! My own review and pics of Fresh! and our findings from Big Trash Pickup: Texas Edition.

Remember it's still National Nutrition Month! Try adding color through fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to your meals this month for a healthier you!

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  1. That is a"HOOk'Em HORNS",on your knee,Ms.Hess ! Welcome to TEXAS !!! LUV U


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