Nov 7, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks: Worth It

Our sweet little Lincoln arrived early on Tuesday November 4th. Oh we are so in love. While I'm away staring at my baby while he sleeps, we'll catch up to birth day with the weekly posts. With him coming four weeks early, we have a bit of catching up to do!

October 10, 2014

Thirty Two Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

I love you more than you'll probably ever realize. More than I'll ever be able to tell you or show you. Someday when you have kiddos of your own, only then, maybe will you realize.

Someday you will do things for your children because you love them so much. But so will your wife.

She'll give up her beautiful skin to the stretchmarks that it takes to make your babies. She'll sometimes waddle around like whale and need much help completing difficult tasks like rolling over in bed or getting off the couch. There will be times when she feels as if maybe, just maybe she'll be stuck like this forever.

But she'll love you and your babies and it will all be worth it.

To me, you're worth it.

You're worth calling the doctor first thing in the morning with horribly embarrassing questions. You're worth going to the hospital in the middle of the work day to check on something that doesn't seem serious at all. You're worth telling every nurse, 'I know it's probably not a big deal, but...'

So yes, today I went to the hospital because they told me to. I wore the bracelet and I put on the hospital gown. And today I found out that you and me are perfectly healthy even with all the weird symptoms and the waddling.

And today I got to rest in a hospital bed and just listen to your heartbeat and feel you squirm.

You're worth it.

Love always, even when you steal what used to be my ankles,

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