Sep 20, 2013

Change of Plans

So last night I planned to do a few things. On the list was:

 - Stop by the photo center and print a picture for the nursery
 - Crop and frame the picture to show off on the blog today
 - Take our weekly bump picture (for last week...)
 - Buy some root beer with PriceMatch for our root beer float party at work today
 - Jump on a major overhaul cleaning/organizing event in our bedroom
 - Water the grass
 - Cut a friend's hair at our house.

I'm pleased to say that our friend's hair did get cut. And God had it rain last night, so the grass did get watered...

And that was it.

See, yesterday when I was attempting to leave work my car didn't start. This would be our reliable car so it didn't make much sense. With our Saturn I could rattle off quite a few things I know we need to check if it doesn't start: check the sensor, check to see if the fuel pump pressures up, check the fuse for the fuel pump, check the battery... really among other things. And while the Camry is still a car, it looks a little different under the hood.

Turned the key, no clicking from the ignition, no trying to turn over the engine. Tried to jump the car, no luck.

Called Kyle and he came to the rescue. We tried charging the battery, no luck. He tried to what they call "jump starting" the starter and sparks flew everywhere... I was real impressed actually. But no starting. Apparently that meant it was the starter. So we read something about hitting the starter to see if it would work... yes, hitting the starter...

...and ta-da! The car started. Apparently the little spinny things (technical term) in the starter get jammed up when the starter's going out but for a few last times you can tap/hit the starter and they'll come unjammed for a few starts.

Usually when there's car trouble it means cars are out for a few days...

But my husband is like a super hero, and our friend Josh was at our house to get his hair cut... so we convinced him to stay and help. Two other friends came by and they helped too... and with our handy friend on the phone giving advise it was amazing.

Those men got that old starter off and that new starter on, AND even returned the old starter to the auto place for a $20 rebate. I drove the car to work this morning!

Taking this fiasco to a grand total of: a few hours in the school parking lot, two trips to the part store, one fancy husband, 3+ friends, a few hours in our shop AND only $115.

I was so impressed. You should be impressed too. Not by my ability to make art for the nursery (plan postponed) or my ability to take 'baby bump' pictures on time...

But on my husband's ability to do fancy things with cars. My knight in shining car tools :)

Happy Friday! May all your fiascoes have this easy of a fix or hard working friends and family to help...

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