May 17, 2013


Yep, it's time.

Roommate is in place, bags are packed, husband is waiting for me in our cutest ever cabin, the counselors are on their way, and that jetplane is not leaving without me!

I'm blessed more than ever to spend most of my summer in Colorado this year working alongside by hubby. Since the recent job change, working with the school district has this thing called SUMMER BREAK! Can you tell I'm excited out it??

What that means is this summer there's way less back and forth, much less watching sappy romantic movies because I miss my husband 100 states away, and tons less riding of airplanes (that I'll kind of miss). And there will be way more Colorado time, husband time, camp time! I'm thrilled.

But being in Colorado posed a bit of difficulty for a little amateur little blogger like me. Our internet at camp comes through a satellite, it's quite limited, and uploading cute pictures of the blog isn't exactly 'camp business.'

So this summer you may see a little dip in posts. I'm trying to write a little ahead of time and we still have some super big projects we'll be working on even in Colorado. So don't go too far. I'm going to try to still get three posts a week up (Monday, Wednesday & Friday), but just in case it looks more like one post on Monday some weeks, you'll know why. And you'll forgive me right?

We'll see.

Right now I'm preparing to breathe at 9000 feet and wake up everyday to work in an office that looks like this...

Tough life, right? We are truly, truly blessed.

Love you guys, hope you all have super plans for the summer too. If not, at least it's the weekend, and anyone can make fabulous weekend plans! Happy Friday!

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