Nov 9, 2012

More Mums?

So after the purple mums went in the ground I got a surprise.

Well, I got two surprises.

First one wasn't the best. I walked out the front door on my way to work and I saw my poor little purple mums. They were droopy and some of the petals were falling off one of the plants. I kind of freaked out (that's why I didn't think to grab the camera) and then I realized I was a little late for work. So I begged Kyle to water them for me... had been about a week since I watered them. I forgot they would need water. That's probably why my flowers always die... (luckily they bounced back pretty quickly)

Then surprise number two, my husband got me some yellow mums!!

I was thinking about putting them in pots on the table like this:

Then I thought I could plant them with the purple ones like this:

Of course I'd have to spread the purple ones out a bit. But it is kind of yelling Geaux Tigers? Right? What do you think?

Either way, I love them. Happy Friday! And Happy Long Weekend if you've got Monday off like I do! Off to see the fam and the Tigers in BR...

1 comment:

  1. That was sweet of your man! They look great!


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