May 13, 2013

Bragging on the First Baseman

I'd like to take a moment this Monday and brag on my husband. Not just because he's super attractive and really sweet and the best husband I've ever had...

But because he's a pretty talented softball player.

A Champion, if you will.

See Kyle and 'the boys' or the other men in town play in the church softball league. Us wives and friends go out each Monday night to hoot and holler for our men. Kyle doesn't love when people yell while he's trying to bat... so I have to come up with other options.

He plays first base. Which is pretty impressive in and of itself. He can catch almost anything. So while he's all standing on first base looking manly and athletic I like to cheer:

"I went to first base with first base!"

It's my favorite. And I'm pretty sure first base means kissing. If it means something scandalous, I have no idea. I figured we're married... I'm allowed to kiss him. The preacher even said so.

So congratulations to the Bus Drivers (Yep, that's the team name, you know "Because we're taking you to school") for winning the championship. It's Monday, but the season's over... still you're women (and friends) think you're pretty awesome.

Happy Monday. See my cute husband in his striped baseball socks... isn't he just great?

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