Apr 27, 2012

Arbor Day: The Boy and Girl Holly Trees

Happy Arbor Day!
Fun Fact #1: We have 2 holly trees in our front yard.

Fun Fact #2: I had no idea holly grew into trees, thought it was just a bush or a Christmas d├ęcor item. (Below is not the trees now... now the berries are green...)

Fun Fact #3: They have leaves all year and according to our good little friend Boston, they are the best climbing trees for little people.
See how the branches are like little steps all the way up? and it goes really far up...
Fun Fact #4: One of our trees is a boy. The other is a girl. The boy makes pollen, lots and lots of pollen. The girl makes holly berries. The girl is on the left, and her new berries are still green so it's hard to see them. I think the girl looks so much heavier than the boy, like she's stressed out, weighed down or something. I looked in older pictures of the house, and it appears she's been like that for a while. Hmm..
Fun Fact #5: It's fun calling the trees 'he' and 'she' now. It's like trees are our friends.

Maybe they are... Happy Arbor Day.

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