Jan 28, 2013

Big Job Changes

Crazy enough, today was my last day working with my Veterans. My last day at the clinic with the coworkers I love so much, the last day all I have to do is dial an extension and get one of my very best friends on the line, the last day I wear my medical badge, and the last time I drive all the way to Shreveport to the hospital.

I'm switching jobs.

Crazy, I know.

Most of you know that my husband is in Colorado for most of the summer... and well, I've typically been in Texas for most of the summer. And while distance does make the heart grow fonder, I missed that guy so much. If you know Kyle, you know how incredible he is and you probably miss him too, lol. And while I did catch up on lots of sleep and lots of seasons of TV shows while he was away... we were looking to change those plans.

So today was my last day at my old job.

And tomorrow I start a brand new one. It's closer to our home, so I'll knock and hour total off my drive every day and I get to work with little kiddos and teach them about nutrition! But most of all it's with one of the local school systems and when the kids are out for the summers....

I get summers off!!!

I can spend the summer with my husband, in Colorado, working hard with him to serve the families that come to camp and our college staff as well. I think all our dreams are coming true!

We didn't know what we were going to do when the summer came and we'd have to be apart again... and God just brought this new job right to my email inbox. Kind of perfect.

So today I'm reflecting on everything I loved about my very first job as a dietitian. It was the very first place I was an intern, they were crazy to take a chance on me and give me a real job. They waited as I studied for my RD exam, and they supported me through all that was the thesis. It's where I learned to be an employee, where I became and RD, where I hosted my very first National Nutrition Month and where I had my very first patients.

That was the hard part, saying goodbye to the patients, and the people, the coworkers who became family (because honestly I spent more time with some of them than my own husband at times). I cleaned out my office today and made sure it was ready for the next dietitian who will live there. Crazy to think about who will come next.

I think I'm still processing everything and I don't think I quite realize it all yet. But it's exciting, because tomorrow I put on my 'professional attire' (yep, can't wear scrubs anymore...) and drive to a new place where anything could happen. :)

I couldn't be more excited, or thankful, or blessed.

Happy Change. It kind of feels like it's New Year all over again... or like a fresh semester of college (which is even better by the way, my favorite actually).

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  1. That is so AWESOME!!! I'm beyond thrilled for you guys :)


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