Jan 17, 2013

November in Pictures

Apparently my brain is not working like it should be. I kind of forgot all about the 'Month in Pictures' thing I wanted to start, and I actually forgot all about putting up a blog post on Wednesday.  I blame it one Christmas, and the lingering Christmas candy and gifts that have yet to find a place to be stored and the overall lack of hustle right now at the Hess House.

Sometimes we just want to get barbecue takeout and watch HGTV... and we may have done that last night.

We've had a lot of things going on around the Hess House lately, many of which we'll share in the weeks to come, but for now: November in Pictures. I know November was a long time ago, but humor me.


Yep, the picture of the random frames on the floor is step one of our gallery wall... I would share the finished project, except that I haven't finished it yet. Gotta fill those frames, but soon, soon.  And yep we decorated our Christmas tree in November, but don't worry, the Christmas tree is (now that it's mid January) put up in the attic, but the Christmas lights are still on the roof and the house still isn't quite back to normal...

Happy Returning-to-Normal-after-Christmas-life. :)

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