Nov 7, 2012

October in Pictures

Now that I've got my fancy new camera, I figured a monthly recall of pictures should be in order. Sort of to remember the month, but mostly to see if I'm making any progress in the photography department. You will probably see more pictures here that weren't actually on the blog this month. Which is, of course, why I'm doing this post anyways, right?

So here we are: October in Pictures

I'm trying to do my best at learning this new fancy camera I have, you know, without being the creeper taking pictures of everything, everywhere. But I'm working on the courage I need to just take the picture, and then knowing to carry my camera with me (I decided to leave it at home this weekend and I missed getting pictures of Kyle and I in matching shirts, and the most beautiful red trees I've ever seen). But I love it, the picture taking, I really do. Spoiler Alert: The second to last picture is of a scouting trip for my very first photo shoot... Can't wait to tell you all about that one!

Here's to October, a good one. And looking forward to November, I'm preparing myself for what they call "the holidays."

Happy November!

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