Dec 1, 2010

Our First Tree

Okay, so I'm real excited about Christmas! If you cannot tell by the new picture up top (overloaded with all things Christmas), then I don't know how you would know.

Here's the thing, so I have some studying to do tonight, and I have to get to it... but here's our "Getting Ready for Christmas" blog!

First of course, the putting up of the tree! It's our first married Christmas! It's so handy to have married someone so tall!

Kyle's a great 'fluffer!'

And then me, fluffing the way Mom taught me!
Being newly married we decided to wait until the after Christmas sales to buy any decorations. So that means using what we've got to decorate this year, or making things! you will see, we have a ton! Between everyone else's leftovers we may be set! But I'll be creating some ornament so stay tuned for those crafts.

Finished product... this would be where it
should be both of us in the picture!

I just hid the other colors of our Fiestaware and pulled out
all the red and green!

 This last picture would be my favorite. Taken by none other than Kyle Hess. So that's it so far. There's more to come, and even more we need to take pictures of! So I guess we should have taken a picture together, oh well... we will soon! Gotta study!

More to come on last night's cookie decorating extravaganza!! and actual making of some crafty decorations! (oh yeah, and our College Station trip... I keep forgetting that one.)

So when does your tree go up? And what will you be doing to celebrate since it's DECEMBER!

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  1. I love your tree. You both did a great job of decorating! Janet :)


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