Dec 27, 2010

Gumbo Bread Bowls and Burnt Cookies

Just in case you thought I forgot to blog Christmas... don't worry. It's coming. But among all the luggage I'll have to find the camera.

So I wanted to share with you the rest of our pre-Christmas!

First was the OA "Christmas Eve" dinner! I mean what says Christmas Eve like gumbo in bread bowls with potato salad, board games, a Spice Drop Tree and reading the Cajun Night Before Christmas??  Well, I'll tell you what doesn't say Christmas: Fred Claus the movie... honestly the worst Christmas movie of all time, and it's hard to convince me that any Christmas movie would not be worth watching! But the OAs definitely worth hanging out with!

The OA Ladies and their bread bowls of deliciousness!

Just a little game of Sequence... and the mystery to figure out which color drop represents which spice. Did you know that spice drops were flavored after different actual spices?? I had no idea, but Karl's iphone did, and while I recommend 'mint', I'd caution against 'clover' :)

Okay check out Kyle's hand in this picture!
I mean it would be great if he were playing
(insert name of game where that's good here)!
Then for Round Two of Christmas Cookie Extravaganza! We had some wonderful Lindale friends over for some good (or burnt) cookies and a whole lot of laughs.  We planned on ending the night with a Christmas movie but after the previous night's Fred Claus failure... and due to popular demand we watched clips of our wedding care of Aunt Linda and Uncle Gordon, and scrolled through the first release of the Kelly and Malcolm wedding pics care of Jill Pfalser!

Jill and Clinton.
And this is why I love Jill... 

Kelly and Malcolm: AKA Crafty Crazy Newlyweds.

Tam and Mike: AKA Super in love and Almost! married!
Who are the people in your town that you love?

 Don't worry. More soon, as soon as I find the camera again, about
 - Christmas! All of the Christmases!
 - Cherries from Chick-fil-a...
 - and of course, the newest edition to my workout plans (Don't worry no big resolutions here).

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