Dec 29, 2010

Dance Moves and Coupons

So I feel like I have extra time this week... but see that's what tends to get me into trouble. You know how when you have 5 extra minutes in the morning use it to relax, it seems you get up 10 minutes later and then you're 5 minutes late! That used to happen to me all the time in college: one teacher would let us out 10 minutes early so I figured I had time to go (fill in activity here) before the next class started... oops! misfigured and ended up late to the next class.

So this week I need to be working on my thesis proposal and I really did plan to; however, I forgot that the school is on break and my professor won't be responding to my emails :(  So while I'm sure there are things I could do to work on it, I guess my 'motivation' found out and decided to vacation...

But this week I've been starting a few new things thanks to some Christmas won't believe it... get ready...

I'm going to use coupons!!

So for Christmas, in the spirit of saving...Kyle got me a book written by 'the Coupon Mom' who claims that you can save tons of money and spend 15 minutes or less on coupon-ing by using her methods and free website. She's got the mom hair an everything! I've been reading and the book sounds promising so far. I probably should go to the store to get more food into the house, but I want to learn all there is about coupons before I go. Anyways, I'll share the tips as I go, and I'll let you know if her claims are true. (I've tried coupons before, and I was not impressed, so even skeptics... join me, we'll see!)

New thing number two would be: Working Out!

Remember what it was like when you were in college and your schedule was super flexible and you had a free gym membership to a gym right on campus... oh I remember the glory days! But now, I don't see the sense in paying $30 to join the local gym if I don't even make time to just run around the block.

So I got a few new Wii games this Christmas that'll put me on the way without having to go out in the blistering cold! (It's like 28 degrees here, and me and my southern blood get cold at 65 degrees...).

The Biggest Loser Challenge: It's great so far. Although my character doesn't look much like me, I get Bob and Jillian telling me not to stop when really I cannot do that many push-ups! The great thing about the game is that it tests your fitness level at the beginning so you know where to start. The hard part is that you don't get to start at easy-breezy if they know you can do more than that, whew!  Fun part is that you get to stand on that big scale each week and watch it beep... although I'm not there yet, so that's just what I think happens.

 Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2010: This one Kyle picked out for me (because I asked for workout games) and when I opened it made sure and said sweet things so it didn't look like he bought it because he thought I was out of shape... he's so funny. So this one is next on my list open up and pop into the Wii. It's just Jillian in different "all-new exotic locales" and I can't wait to really see what it is.

 Just Dance: Okay so this isn't a workout game, but really... it is. After playing it one day for a few minutes I was soo sore. Shows you what kind of shape I'm in. But it's fun, you can compete alone or with a partner up to 4 people at one time and it really gets you moving. A lot of the songs are oldies with a few new hits, but the Just Dance 2 has newer songs and from what my Aunt Pam tells me, a built in workout program.

So for those of you who know me, I don't think I'm fat and need to lose 50 pounds. But after working with my elderly patients all day I realize that the ones who keep active are doing the best later in life. That whole "use it or lose it" and I thought, 'other than diet what am I really doing to keep my heart healthy?' because let's be honest, I'm not going jogging in 28 degree weather!

So I'll have to get on top of that thesis soon, real soon. But this week, I'll be working out, trying to figure out coupons at the beginner level, and getting geared up for 52 at Sky Ranch! Woo, if you're coming I'm excited!

Go ahead, be active today... or check out the coupon section :)

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