Dec 11, 2010

Lost Camera, Found Gingerbread Men

So today I was really excited about blogging about our fantastic Yard Sale last weekend... but we may have lost our digital camera along with the Big 12 Championship last weekend :(

...I was also excited about blogging about the work party madness we had this week... but I forgot to bring my camera to Shreveport (probably because it was lost in Cowboy Stadium)

...I was also excited to blog about how cute, cozy and wonderful our Ladies Bible Study Christmas party was... but again, no camera.

I'll have to charge mine up instead of toting Kyle's everywhere. But I've emailed the Lost and Found Department with way too many details about our camera in hopes that somehow they have it. The fact is I'm not totally sure it's lost.  See I cannot find it anywhere! but that happened about a month ago with my keys for over an hour of frantic looking and then Kyle found them on the key hook...

So it's catch up time!

This fall has been filled with wonderful moment that are still stuck in my computer, so here are just a few of them:
So at Thanksgiving I got real excited about
Legos... I'm not sure anyone present knew
about my Lego Skills. Mom, I knew you and
Justin would be proud!

These two little guys (AKA nephews Mr. A and Landen) would be the reason I was playing Legos in the first place.  It's real hard to say that I don't have time for Legos when first of all I love Legos, second of all I'm on vacation so really I have time for anything, and third "how do you say no to these faces?"

This would be my wonderful husband
pretending to be sooooper sleepy
after all his hard work decorating the tree.
Don't ya just love this one?

 This would be the Gingerbread and Snickerdoodle Christmas Extravaganza Part I. Get excited to see Part II... and maybe even Part III. Yep I'll definitely have to find the camera...

Bet you wish your house smelled like gingerbread... but there are so many ingredients... but no longer! Betty Crocker makes a Ginger Bread cookie mix in a bag (not to be confused with Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cake and Cookie Mix). You just add butter, egg, and 1 tablespoon of water. And at our Walmart it's on sale for $1.58 a bag! I bought some, then when I went back for more the lady had to go in the back and dig and all she found was 3 bags... I bought them all. I know I sound like a salesperson, but they'll go fast and they don't come back again until next year :)

Bake some gingerbread today!

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