Dec 22, 2010

Fire and Glow

You won't believe what I found when I arrived home last night...

Yesterday I stopped on my way home from work to, as usual, pick up the few groceries I needed to tie us over until the weekend. Last night I got some frozen pre-cooked crispy chicken strips. This was a feat in and of itself since they were not located anywhere near the chicken nuggets in the freezer section. Anyway I had the grand idea of coming home and making chicken strips a-la Buffalo Wild Wings using honey barbeque sauce for Kyle and buffalo sauce for me.

Because of my trip to the store, as I drove home it was dark out. And oh my! as I pulled onto our street there was a glow! Coming from OUR house! Don't worry, it was not on fire... but there were Christmas Lights! The colored kind that aren't red and green but pink and lime green and golden yellow and turquoise... the great! kind! All up, all done, all lit... on OUR house!

When I walked through the front door smiling, I was greeted by my sweet husband who said "you said you wanted Christmas Lights."  Apparently he had been reading the blog, and in my rant of 'wants' he noticed that I wanted lights. Now isn't that just the best husband anyone could ask for, really?!

So now our house, adorned with lights, and our new fridge (more on that later) and our tree and all the twinkling things is very very Christmas. Last night Kyle and I wrapped gifts as my mouth recovered from the buffalo strips.  I made the mistake of calling my little brother when trying to find a good buffalo sauce... now, yes he was very helpful, but he said it wouldn't be too hot... a few strips later, a fire in my mouth, 2 glasses of lemonade, 1 glass of milk, and quite a lot of yelling, my gums and tongue pounded as they recovered from the heat. But Justin, I will say the flavor was great.

Lessons learned today:
1. The pre-cooked chicken strips are in the middle of the meat aisle, not in the frozen chicken wings and nuggets and meat patties section at WalMart.
2. I have a great husband, and he's great at putting up lights.
3. Louisiana Wing Sauce is not 'mild.'
4. Milk really does work better than water when things get a little hotter.

What can you do today to surprise someone with a little Christmas cheer?

More to come, as always.

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