Nov 3, 2015

Lincoln: Nine Months

Nine Months
August 2015
Little Buddy,
You're nine months old and it's almost time for our summer in Colorado to come to an end.
Still I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are, still no well-visits here in the middle of nowhere. But we do have our fair share of mountains and rivers and lakes. And friends and adventures.
In this season we get to simply enjoy life around us. Yes, there are times when Mom checks the cleaning supply inventory and requests POs, but mostly it's just me and you, and Dad, and 45 other staff members, and 11 families, and 50 plus teenagers, and at times a few backpackers. And while that seems like a lot of people, it's not. Here in Colorado you've got a tiny little family.
You've got shirts to match Dad for almost every day. And I take pictures of you doing almost everything. You have a camp staff name tag that you wear up here because really you put in a lot of 'camp hours' even though you're snoozing before the fun's over. Camp life and baby life seem to go very well together.
We wake up and get to snuggle with Dad. Sometimes I've got my act together enough that we all walk out of the door at the same time and head to the morning meeting. You come along and sit at the meeting pretending to listen, but mostly shaking your head no at all that is discussed. I'm pretty sure you don't disagree with everything, you just like the way you get attention when you say 'no.' Let me tell ya, I don't think that's a quality I'll love one day...
After the meeting it's usually time for your nap if you've woken early or time for breakfast if you've woken late. We put you in your little chair and you smile and laugh at 'your friends' who pass by and make the sweetest remarks. I will say that you have chosen favorites and the same few people sit at 'the Lincoln table' each meal and keep you entertained.
After breakfast we head to the Chapel where you lightly brush your finger over the stain glass windows or play on the ground in the colorful light that shines through them. I love when I get to bring you to worship with me. There something really special about that.

After Chapel camp gets moving and it's play time for us. Sometimes it's nap time, sometimes we head down to the river, sometimes it's just a walk around the cabins to see who's winning the current Nuke'Em game. Mostly it's just me and you time. I love it.
There's lunch and then more napping and more playing and then it's porch time. Right when the camp store opens up we go to see Jackie, your best friend that runs the store. She can make you smile more than anyone else on camp (except of course me and Daddy) and you love her a whole lot. If you're lucky she'll give you a little bit of snow cone ice and you'll bang on her counter top laughing so very pleased with yourself. And then just about that time Dad walks in and it's family time. So we head out to the porch and you and me and Dad get a little time together. Well, us and whoever else occupies the porch that afternoon. It's a sweet way to spend time.
Far too soon it's dinner time and then off to bed for you. There are many night events that happen after you fall asleep. You don't know what you're missing, but one day you'll run around the campfire and we'll teach you to two-step and you'll get to camp out under the stars with the 'big kids.'
But until then, you're still my baby. My nine month old little baby. Who loves food, who is quickly passing up purees for 'real' food and who just the other day learned how to wave goodbye. My little baby that is quickly growing out of all nine month clothing who we take on small adventures. We are excited about the day when you can go on the big adventures all the while hoping you'll stay little forever.
I love you sweet boy. I love our adventures. I love our people. I hope some day you love it here too.
All my love,

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  1. Wonderful, informative, fun post!! Thank you so much Brittany!!!!


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