Sep 3, 2014

Twenty Six Weeks: Labor Day

August 31, 2014

Twenty Six Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Today it stopped raining and we spent a nice long time in the pool basking in the warm sun all wrapped up in the Louisiana humidity that I love so much. This weekend we went to visit my family. There was a whole lot of together time and a whole lot of relaxing. Which, at twenty six weeks pregnant I could appreciate.

Someday we'll take trips to Louisiana and you'll spend hours swimming in the pool too. I hope you love it there. I hope, even though we live far away, that you quickly know and love your grandparents and aunts and uncles. They're all really excited about you coming.

This weekend your grandpa, my dad, gave us a wooden rocking horse that he built with his own two hands. Someday you'll be very impressed with his wood working skills, but until then you'll just be entertained by hours and hours of rocking around the house on that horse. Just like we did when we were kids.

After my dad finished the last touches, I was looking over every smooth detail of the rocking horse. It was then that I noticed that he signed it for you. And then I noticed that he also wrote the year right underneath his name. But it said 2013, not 2014. And that's when I realized that he started making the horse last year for your sister, and finished it this year for you. Somehow that makes my heart smile extra, you really will forever be connected to her.

Twenty six weeks, I can hardly believe you're growing so very fast. Bouncing around and kicking and yes, making my back hurt just a bit. You sit much lower than your sister ever did and I'm pretty sure you're actively pulling my pelvis apart. But I'm working hard to do all the write exercises so you'll come out strong and healthy and let's be honest, so you'll come out easily...

I love you lots. Happy Labor Day. See you on my next "labor day,"

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