Sep 17, 2014

Twenty Seven Weeks: Real

September 8, 2014

Twenty Seven Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

It's all getting very real. You're really coming.

It's hard sometimes to imagine that someday you'll come home with us. Last year it felt like I was pregnant and I did that well and once the pregnancy was over we packed up all the baby things and it was done. So for some reason, now it seems so very hard to imagine that at the end of this pregnancy there will be a real live you here.

Living in our house.

Keeping us up at night.

Making me smile even if sleep deprived.

So I started getting your room ready. I'm making sure to put everything in its place. Each item sorted by size or color or function. And then I'm making the room less pink, and that's what reminds me that you're real. That I'm not just pulling out the baby stuff again, but that I'm getting ready to bring you home.

Oh I pray that I get to bring you home.

We're getting so close.

I heard your little heartbeat at the doctor's office today. It sounds so very strong. The doctor let me listen to your heartbeat for a long time and I made sure to soak in every moment of it. My next appointments are now every two weeks instead of every month which means we're that much closer.

I love you and sometimes I can't believe you're really real...

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