Sep 22, 2014

Nesting Project: "Manly" Nursery

Let's be honest. Nurseries are not manly.

In my opinion they should be bright and fun yet sweet and calming. They should be places for snuggling and playing and cooing and cuddling. (Although I know you moms out there are laughing thinking they're more like places for crying in the middle of the night, changing poopy diapers, and folding tons of tiny laundry.)

When I planned Hannah's nursery I wasn't exactly trying to make it masculine. We knew Hannah would be a girl and so I took that into consideration when making little paper roses to hang on the wall and framing a picture of my grandmothers in swimsuits.

But let's be honest, as much as I love painting a room, I figured that in a two bedroom house it'd be pretty hard to try to repaint the nursery when future kids came along. I can only imagine having a newborn and toddler trying to live in the same room all while I'm trying to paint it from pink to blue. So I did the calculated thing and picked a color I thought would work well for both our girl and any future men that may come along.

And while people have asked if we got rid of all our baby stuff from Hannah or if we totally redid the nursery back into a guest room, well, we didn't. We wanted to have more babies even after losing Hannah and so I boxed everything up in bins that I could have labeled "hoping for another baby soon!" I packed the toys away so that the nursery was a little more guest room friendly, but we didn't even take apart the crib or anything.

I love the nursery.

I never got to really use it and so nope, we're not doing a total overhaul of the nursery for our little guy. Just a hint of change here and there to make it less 'rosey.'

That's where the outdoors comes in.

We love Colorado and so I thought I'd add a little touch of manly by adding a little touch of the mountains to our little nursery.

I found this garland while flipping through the Liberty Mountain catalog and I knew I wanted it. It's made of hand carved and hand painted little figures that remind me of both Kyle and Colorado.

And then I realized that Kyle had an old little shelf that looked like a boat and then I made a little pennant garland to add some color behind the crib.

It's a little less girly and maybe just a bit more manly. I'll be posting the how-to's and the finished products soon so stay tuned. But know I don't plan on putting this little guy in pink bows or anything...

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