Sep 24, 2014

Twenty Eight Weeks: Little Names

September 10, 2014

Twenty Eight Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

I think we may have picked a name for you this week. Your dad and I aren't 100% certain, but we think maybe we have a first name for you. I don't go telling just everyone because I love the idea of introducing you to the world once you are born. Some people try calling you by your 99% name already... but they're not me.

Your middle name is a whole different story. Two names is a lot for a woman with pregnancy brain to think about.

I do call you all kinds of sweet names though. But let's be honest if I actually named you "Little Tiny Human" that'd be kind of weird. Especially if you grow up to be big and strong like your dad, I could only imagine the coach yelling "Little!" at you as you run across the football field.

You are growing stronger every day, I can feel it. They say you're like 2 pounds now and I would tell you what fruit you are the size of but every app I own tells me a different fruit. And really, I'm not sure I've ever purchased a two pound bunch of cauliflower before.

The day is getting close, and I can't wait to meet you. I can't wait to see if you recognize my voice or the way I read to you or the songs that I sing to you every day.

I love you enough to try to give you a decent name,

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