Oct 11, 2013

How 'bout them apples?

Note: The Hess Family laptop is still out of service, but we did get a second opinion today that looks like it may be worth repairing... Until then it's phone pictures for just a bit. We'll catch up on the pregnancy updates as soon as I can...

Just a little fun for your Friday. You know, before Miranda Lambert and the Countryfest/Bullfest weekend invade our small town...

So I was grocery shopping last night walking through the produce section. I had been enjoying myself quite a bit; it's amazing how the store changed after 8pm... no one in a rush, it's kind of like a little museum of food that you can purchase.

Anyways, so I'm in the produce section picking out some of these wonderful newly discovered boxed Prima tree-ripe peaches... When this young-ish man walks up to me and says,

"Excuse me, but do you like apples?"

I first thought, 'is this guy hitting on me in the produce department??' because a line about fruit is always a great idea in my book... And then I remembered that I had been waddling around the produce department because I'm almost 30 weeks pregnant. No, there is no way any sane person is hitting on a person in my condition... not that I'm available anyway...

I jumped back to reality and answered a quite excited "yes, I love apples." Because truth is, I do. They were the next item on my list and I was wondering what kind I would try since it's fall and apples are everywhere.

Then he (also very I excited) says, "Then you have to try these Jazz apples. The first time I ate one I was in New Zealand. They are delicious, and they're only available twice a year here!"

So then of course I'm excited about apples, but also wondering where this kid is from. Because in our small town I'd doubt that many people have been to New Zealand and had apples... but he trotted right off and, well, I told him that I'd try them and I did.

They are delicious. And I appreciate another fellow human's excitement over fruit... Even if he wasn't hitting on me...

I wrapped up my grocery store trip by stopping to see my friend the butcher and show off my pregnant belly. In his French accent he replied "oh a Christmas baby! vonderful time to have a little baby!" Beats the Americans who seem to often reply "oh how horrible... you're kid's going to hate that... Christmas birthday... wa wa..."

And then I returned home. Pretty impressed with my grocery store adventure and laughing at how I really am slowly or quickly becoming my own mother. :)

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