Oct 2, 2013

Slight Glitch

The blog may be a little lacking this week...

Apparently our trusty laptop decided to stop working. Therefore pictures from the camera have no way of getting to the computer and then out there to you in the interwebs... My iPhone pictures can get to you just fine, but they're not my best shots.

I've visited the local computer repair guy and he says it's bad. Like short in the motherboard bad. Which, I had no idea before, is like when your car has new tires, great alignment, maybe even a new air conditioner, but the engine won't run so it's worthless... Apparently a $450 repair on a computer renders it worthless.

Then we heard about the other computer repair guy in town (yep, along with two Sonics and two Dairy Queens our little bitty town has two computer repair guys). I'll be dropping the computer off to get a second opinion, and we'll see what diagnosis he gives.

But until all is well, I'm trying to figure out a good system for blogging. Maybe iPhone pics and typing posts on Kyle's iPad until we get all that figured out... but this week will be lacking. Sadly.

But it does give me more time to spray paint everything in the house. Okay maybe not everything, just a lamp, a mirror, a picture frame, coat hooks, and a chandelier...

Hoping your computers are happy and healthy, Happy Wednesday.

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