Nov 19, 2012

Young House Love Book Signing in Dallas

So I've never met a famous person before. Well I guess I was very close to Daniel Radcliffe one time in NYC, but I didn't get to say anything to him because I was too busy pretending I saw his show on Broadway and taking pictures of him and my brother.

But then there was Saturday, where I stood in line for hours like a teeni-bopper with Beiber-fever to get a book signed. I was there to get a book signed called Young House Love by the one and only John and Sherry Petersik who write a blog by the same name Young House Love.

See I started off trying to read blogs over my lunch break. I tried like ten or twenty, and they've slowly dwindled down to by favorites.

Young House Love
Confessions of a Cookbook Queen
The Simple Dollar
Buffy Sunshine

I keep it well-rounded with people I actually know, people I've never met, DIY blog, cooking blog, finance blog. I'm still trying to figure out what they all have in common that makes me keep reading them. Because there were many that got passed over, that I guess I just wasn't motivated to read every day anymore.

So Young House Love stayed and I enjoy their blog. Feel free to check it out, I like their style, I like that they like to save money while spending money needed on quality items, and I like that they explain how to do things that I'd have no idea how to do correctly... most of all I think I like their story, the way they live life, things like that, like the way Sherry's wardrobe is rockin' but simple and how she can always wear her hair in a ponytail and look great. You'll see, we've got the proof.

So anyways me and my friend Tracey drove over to the West Elm in Dallas Saturday morning and stood in line with all the other Young House Lovers (I just made that up). The line wasn't bad, it was fun chatting it up with the other fans, and I don't think I realized how cool my friend Tracey was until we had hours in line to talk.

They even had hot chocolate, gingerbread, and fancy Young "House" "Love" cookies. Get it?

Can you tell we were having a good time? And don't we look so cute? After both agreeing that we shouldn't be worried about what we were wearing, Tracey texted me a few minutes before we left letting me know that she was having her husband approve her outfit. I told her that I had half my closet spread out on the bed trying to figure out how I could look "cute and a little put together without looking like I was trying too much." Right?

Once we saw John and Sherry through the window we realized we would need to figure out what we were going to say when we met them. I knew if I didn't have options planned that I would say, "love your husband, I mean blog, your daughter is pretty, I mean your house DIY, thanks you, take luck..." And I just knew I'd trip in front of them.  As we got further up in the line, I got a little nervous. And I told Tracey I was definately ridiculous for being nervous, they were just real people... who I know so much about and they don't know I exist... right? lol

So we had a plan, it was finally our turn, and it went something like this:

Us: Thanks so much, great to meet you.
Them: Great to me you guys.
Us: Are you enjoying Dallas?
Them: Yes, we stayed at a real nice hotel, the Omni?
Us: Oh yes, that one is real nice.
Us (Tracey): Were you (John) able to go running, Dallas has some great running spots?
Them: No, we didn't check a bag so we didn't have room for the running gear.
...chit chat...
Us: Great to meet you guys, we were trying to figure out what to say so we weren't so awkward.
Sherry: Oh, you seem so normal.
Us: Don't let us fool you.

There was more conversation after that, pictures taken. Doesn't Sherry look like she should be on a skin commercial? right?

Then Tracey tripped over a rug and almost died, and I laughed my loud/ugly laugh and about peed my pants... Once recovered, we signed their tour book, kind of like a little guest book for them.

Ignore the fact that I was trying to be all poetic. I'm already making fun of myself over here.

But it really was fun, good times with Tracey, great meeting John and Sherry. They really did seem as nice and genuine as they come across on their blog. It was like meeting an old friend, lol. I was a little worried that meeting them would be weird and then I'd have to find another blog to read or something crazy like that, but nope, all good times. They really were great.

And now I have a new book to read, look out house, we're ready to DIY this place.

Well, you know, after we get the Christmas tree up and then down and travel to Norman and Lake Charles and host a family camp counselor reunion and all... no big deal, right.

Good times. And if you love things DIY I highly recommend their blog. Although I guess that may mean you might stop reading mine... oops.

Happy Monday. Next time you have a chance, go meet a celebrity, even if you feel fifteen again, it's kind of worth it :)

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