Nov 6, 2012

Busy Baby Monday

So there was no new blog post yesterday... I have one coming with some of the best pictures of October... but until then, we've got the best picture of November so far.

See instead of getting the post out yesterday, I played with bath toys, read board books, and watched Kyle read "Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did" to a little man that loves Kyle and his fuzzy beard (and oddly enough giggles at Kyle's chest hair peeking out of his collar).

We just love this little man. Although, note, we don't have a baby, this is not our baby, lol. This is our friend's kiddo that we were watching. Just you know, so you don't call up my mom or something and ask her if we have a baby now or something, lol.

Good times hanging out with an almost one-year-old, lol.

And also, if you haven't yet (depending on where you live) the polls are still open so GO VOTE! And Happy Election Day, may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

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