Aug 1, 2011

New Books.

So for the first time in a long time, I got new books.

Nope. Not new textbooks, or even new "how to" books. But just good books.  I'm not sure if you like to read, or if this blog is the extent of your reading, but I learned from my mother how to get lost in a book. How to cut out any busyness or stress and just cozy up and read.

This week. I have time to read.

This week is an interesting week.

It's right before my last trip to Colorado, right as my roommate is moving out. I'm unable to work on schoolwork because it's not that time of year, and unable to work on thesis because I have to wait two more weeks for the data. My house is clean, because I cleaned it for my parents coming into town, and surprisingly it stayed that way.

I've completed 5 out of 15 things on my Summer List of Wonders, and I'm not quite sure I'll get to all the rest.

But this weekend. I got to see my family. And my family went to the bookstore that was closing and having a clearance sale. So we all ran around and looked for books. Payton got some romantic/young adult books that I'm sure are good but I've never heard of, and the popular novel called The Help.  Justin, of course, got a Star Wars trivia book full of 2500+ questions. The book has a little computer attached that holds the answers to the questions :) My mom bought 2 cookbooks, not for herself, but for my siblings as a not so subtle hint to start cooking more and eating out less, lol.

And I finally bought Shana Neiquist's Cold Tangerines and Bittersweet, and I could not be more excited about owning any other two books right now. I've started Cold Tangerines, and I have to force myself to only read 1 chapter a day... so I can savor it, lol.

And then I bought Julie and Julia, because I haven't seen the movie yet and I think the book will be even better, and because it was only $5.

So here's to reading, and to family, and to taking time to relax before the fall gets here in all of it's greatness, but busyness.. of school and thesis and football and recruiting and retreats...

Relax today. :) Because, guess what? It's still summer.

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