Aug 29, 2011

We're Home

So after a wonderful summer of jetting off to Colorado every two weeks, and missing my husband the other two weeks... (and after taking a week off the blog to relax)...

we are finally home.

I say that in the best way possible for both worlds. We love our Colorado world, the people in it and the lives changed, and the way a family forms every summer. I miss seeing our sweet friends and Jennie's growing baby belly. There is nothing, at all, at all, to hate about our Colorado world (other than the fact that I gain 10 pounds every summer because of the yummy food!)

But it's good to be home. It's good to be able to cook dinner for my husband, and sit next to him on the couch for hours. I can look over and see him smile anytime I want and I love knowing he's home.

So we're home again (we have a lot of places we call home), and it's been good to see our friends. The Texas family that we got to pick out ourselves. While we've been gone many of them have been busy too: they have growing baby bellies too, they are moving houses, they are switching jobs... And it's great to know we have people to do that with. It was great to hear the "welcome back's" at church on Sunday. (Almost as good as the first day back at school, but without the homework, and the awkwardness).

After a wonderful summer, the fall looks even more exciting... I have a feeling it's going to be a lot more about community, and a little less about me.

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  1. excited to share in community with you, neighbor!


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