Aug 31, 2011


With the fall coming, it means our lives kick up another notch. When I say notch, I mean another statistics class and the projects, homework, and textbooks that come along with it.  I mean, Back-to-School.

I look at this fall with a new excitement. About how artsy it will be, about making my own bread, about loving well the people around us.

So once again here comes the list. Kind of like the one I didn't accomplish this summer... or the 235,391,208 that I made on post-its at work this year. Really.

Fall (in no particular order)...

1. Live in Community. Sure it's broad, sure it's not a S.M.A.R.T. goal. But I wanna do it. I wanna see other people, and have them over to our home, and cook for them, and write them cards, and bring cookies on their birthdays, and laugh... a lot.

2. Lose the 10 pounds I gained this summer at Ute. You thought I was kidding, but I was not. Turns out that I gain 10 pounds every summer, drop a couple in the fall, replace them all during the holidays, and then lose the rest of the 10 pounds by May. Just in time to head to camp again. (More on that later... always).

3. Bake bread from scratch. I did this in college, and it's not that hard. And it'd be yummy.

Okay, so I didn't make these, Pioneer Woman did... but soon...

4. Buy a pumpkin.

5. Buy a house. (It's a little more expensive than a pumpkin... but we're looking into it anyways.)

6. Finish my statistics class... and finish the statistics for my thesis. (Which is being approved as we speak. Fingers crossed.)

7. Join Pinterest. So I said I wouldn't join until I finished my Masters for obvious reasons. But now I am "allowed" to join IF I only look for new easy healthy dinner ideas and party food. (And if we buy a house, maybe decor stuff ???)

8. Make a list of meals. At least 50. that we like. That we can eat. I'll have sections for cold and hot weather. Turns out we have a lot of cold weather meals and when it's 108 outside I have nothing to cook!

9. Still look into buying a sewing machine. Maybe if Kyle gets to buy a claw machine (yep... a claw machine) then I get to buy a sewing machine... right? We'll see what we've got left after the house.

But that's it. An uneven nine. I'll add to it I'm sure. But I'm starting smaller this time. And of course I didn't mention calling my mom, or loving my husband, or the MUST of having a Bible study with the ladies or celebrating thanksgiving... because those I will do for sure anyway.

What will you be doing this fall?? Or can you even think about it in the 108 degree heat?? Or is it way way too early to even call it fall??


  1. I was really resistant to getting on Pinterest- I thought it was just a place to stare at a bunch of stuff I wanted but couldn't have. But I will say the one thing I have actually acted upon is the food. I've made 4 recipes that I pinned, including party food! :)

    Have you thought about looking for a used machine? It might be a good starter machine. Would love to hear about your hunt and shopping process, as I'll probably be looking into getting a new one in the next year or two!

  2. I might have a sewing machine for you. So, don't buy anything before talking to your mom. I talked to someone yesterday that might have one.


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