Jul 27, 2011

Oh the things we get ourselves into :)

So I'm not sure you're going to believe this actually happened. But it did. To me. Today.

I hopped off the interstate after my hour commute home and headed to Walmart to get my shopping done.  I should have gone days ago, but I didn't and today felt like a day to get things done. I was excited when I remembered I needed an oil change, so I planned to get 2 birds with one stone and get my oil changed while I did my shopping.

Dropped off the car, headed inside Walmart and got my shopping done in record time. Even picked some great cereal! I got in a fast self-checkout line and whizzed through.

Until it asked me to pay.

I looked in my bag and didn't see my wallet anywhere. I shuffled things around, and still nothing. Then. I remembered. I remembered right where I left my wallet at work in my office. Man.

So in full panic mode, I think of what I should do, and then I see my checkbook! Thank goodness. So I run up to the girl working the self-checkout help desk, and she was super sweet. My story made her smile and she said "oh girl, you're so lucky you carry your checkbook!" Agreed.

So she processed my check and then asked to see my ID. What? I just told her I didn't have a wallet. But apparently it doesn't matter how fun or pathetic your story is: you have to have an ID to use a check.

So I asked her to set my basket aside and told her I'd be right back with cash. I knew maybe had some at the house so I'd run and get it and be right back.

Except that my car was getting an oil change. Wait, nope my car was done getting an oil change, but they weren't going to let me drive off in my car without paying for the oil change!

So I was literally stuck at Walmart. Money in my bank account, debit card at work, cash somewhere, checkbook in hand, and still no way to pay for anything.

At least I had my phone... So I called my friends, and then called more friends. And leave it to Curtis and Lauren to come to my rescue. 'Bail me out' of Walmart Auto Center, and accept my gratitude and a check (without an ID) in return.

I cannot tell you where I'd be without my friends here in East Texas. Well, actually I'd be in Rockwall lost or at Walmart stuck.

But for those of you who may have think this post is complaining, or the last post depressing... I love my life. I was laughing while I was crying lost in Rockwall, and I was just giggling today in Walmart laughing at how humorous God is sometimes.

I pray and ask Him to draw me near to Him. I sing and say how I am prone to wander from him, and for him to bind me to him like a fetter. And I ask Him to grow me... and He does. He just has a great sense of humor doing it.

And I tell people all the time. I would rather have a hard life, have tough things happen and draw nearto the Lord, pray to him constantly, that one day I may look into his face and truly know Him. Rather than having everything work out perfect and forget I need Him, and see Him one day and just have barely scratched the surface of how wonderful the Lord really is.

Laura Story said it better. Check out this song. I love it. (but I can't promise it won't make you cry ;)

And laugh today. At yourself. At the fact that you lose things, or forget things, or are stuck at the Walmart sitting next to a stranger on a bench waiting for your friends to arrive with money so you can even leave...


  1. LAUGHED & CRIED !You are just the best. Hope you write a book someday.For now I will be happy with BLOGS !

  2. I love your attitude of Trust! God is so good! It is so awesome to trust Him to guide us. Keep up your awesome faith!


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