Aug 11, 2011

Airports and babies.

So I've been traveling a lot this summer, and today I'm in a cute little airport with lots and lots of small little children. And I could not be happier!

I was sitting during my really long layover in the tiny Amarillo airport when from behind me I heard the high little voice of a 6 year old little boy.  He was running and dragging his dad to the large windows in the terminal while shouting, "a jet, daddy! A jet." He proceeded to smash his face against the window and stare in amazement. As the planes were directed to the gates, he began to explain to his dad what those "big orange sticks" were the woman was using and he ran back and forth skipping around every time a plane came in.

Then sitting, reading a few more minutes...  I realized this was not uncommon. Soon another boy and his dad were at the window, then an older woman, and soon yet another father and son. One kid calling the luggage car a "choo choo." which I'm thinking meant train. And before I knew it another toddler ran up to me and just smiled ear to ear and stared. And giggled. Apparently he didn't know I was already taken. :)

I figured maybe having kids won't be as crazy scary as I thought before. Maybe we won't have to wait 10-15 years, lol.

Or at least if kids are ever screaming and crying we'll just take them to the airport, right?

Enjoy your days, enjoy your travels... even the crazy long airport layovers. Today I'm going to enjoy the 60 degree Colorado weather... and I'll probably be a little later getting back to the blog.

I'll blog again soon once we return to the 110 degree Texas heat and it's impossible to even go outside :)

1 comment:

  1. I hope you don't wait 10 or 15 years. I'd love to see some grandchildren before then!! :)


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