Jul 14, 2011

More of the Kingsley Family Vacay!

I promised more of the Kingsley family vacay... so of course. Here it is...

So we headed to the mall... coming from Middle of Nowhere Colorado and Middle of Nowhere East Texas, I was very overwhelmed with the number of people there!

Dad and Justin were overwhelmed with the number of knives, lol.

Then Off to SIX FLAGS!! Can you tell me and mom are related, lol... (she's on the far right).

I convinced the fam to ride the Carousel!

Love, love my mom.

Then the carnival guy convinced Justin to show his strength...

And then Dad beat him!!

Craziness and loads of fun. I really do just love my family! I hope you love yours... if not maybe you could come on the next Kingsley family vacation. :)

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