Oct 26, 2010

Socks and Husbands

It's funny... I was okay with the fact that my husband would be out of town until Thursday... plenty of time to clean up the house. But OH! he's coming home early today!!! We realized before he left that our room smelled like dirty socks, and well, it was because there were a LOT of dirty socks in the dirty clothes hamper. Kyle must have 10 feet because he wears more socks in one week than the total number of socks I own. Maybe that says something about how often I change my socks...

...anyway, so today I was busy doing dishes, loads of laundry, fanning the fresh autumn air into the house, even vacuuming the couch! Today I present to you, my favorite and most often used cleaning products!

Our new vacuum, because it has this great little vacuum attachment!

So I'm sure these wipes are the off brand, but that makes them even better. I bought them when we moved in and I STILL have not run out! Who needs paper towels and cleaner when you can disinfect instantly with a wipe?

And then of course Tide, the plant my dad works for makes parts of Tide... so of course we are loyal supporters, no off brands there. And then I always need a little bleach, or Shout.

But my best cleaner, you may have guessed it... is that Kyle. I'll tell you what, I'm not sure what our house would look like without him. Days that I get home tired and cook dinner, he hops right up to the dishes... or cleans the siding, sets up the fall decor, vacuums, and makes dinner!  Sorry ladies, that one's taken :) and he's on his way home right now!

Go ahead... clean something today!

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  1. Awwww.....this blog made me really happy! Thank you for posting!


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