Oct 9, 2010


It's fall. And in East Texas, today is the perfect day of Fall.  Sorry the picture above is not our front yard or anything close to it (still having a hard time getting the camera hooked up without crashing the computer). But today it will have to do, because this is the picture in my head today.

Honestly, if anyone had ever asked me what my favorite season was, I would never have said fall.  I mean I love summer, when we're out of school, when the sun is out, the pool is ready, and there is nothing stopping me from doing anything! But I love spring, I mean my birthday, all the love-birds, the real birds, Spring Break, and not to mention my favorite flowers...

But if you had asked me today: Fall. I would say fall.  Although it seems summer is ending, that summer seems to be dying into winter, I don't see that this year. I'm a science nerd, if you don't know, and actually the leaves changing is the chlorophyll dying out... but maybe, just maybe the chlorophyll is like the beating sun of summer.  Summer at times is so full of trips and schedules and events, and honestly heat! that we don't quite get to enjoy the laziness of it.  Almost like it takes fall coming in to knockout the chlorophyll so that we can really enjoy the beautiful colors that were hiding behind the green this entire time.

It's like time stops for fall, so that the true life in is can begin.  Think about it, the beginnings have always been fall.  We started Kindergarten in the fall; we started growing up and going away to college in the fall, we became Tiger Fans in the fall, and this year Kyle and I started our 'real' lives together in the fall.  It's like we take things a little more seriously, get buckled down, but still have time to run in the leaves before winter hits.  Like we remember that we wanted to plant a garden this spring and find the time to do it anyway. Like we remember that we should have enjoyed the sun before it leaves us, and so we eat breakfast outside.  Like a bittersweet slipping away of the summer causes us to live like there's no tomorrow and enjoy the season before the winter.

We want to do things, we want to live better, we want to make everything count, we want the wind in our hair, and to call our best friend, and to hug our moms, and make our houses into homes.  I love... the fall.

If you don't live in East Texas, I wish you did this week. It's one of those weeks where you roll your windows down knowing that it will mess up your hair, open the doors to your house to let the breeze in even though you know somehow a few bugs will make it past the screen, and you stop and you look at how God loves us, and you remember yep, there's a few things that you've been meaning to do, for Him.

Dear Autumn, Welcome back.

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  1. Now how did I miss this one ? You completely convinced and change my mind(??)about Fall.To me it was like B'4 going to sleep & hopefully to heaven when you are in your so called Golden Years and have nothing more to look forward to,except playing a harp,wings,clouds most o f all being with God and looking down on all my woanderful family,and friends left behind on earth.Seeing you & Kyle with all you beautiful children,being the wonderful Mom and Dad that you both had. So now I will just keep watching leaves change,breezes blow and waiting for you to visit us again ! Did I mention how much I love you..I do.


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