Oct 25, 2010

Discovery Number 1

So I study nutrition. Actually as soon as I take my RD exam, I'll be a registered dietitian.  But for now the studying is part of me finishing my Masters in Nutrition. This means lots of research abstracts, discussion board posts, term papers, etc. And while a life without homework seems like a dream oh the things I'll be able to do!!! ...I secretly LOVE being a student :)

I'm a nerd, just checkout what my night was filled with ...

Did you know that meal replacement therapy within a comprehensive weight loss program was one of the most effective forms of weight loss and weight maintenance resulting in decreased negative bio-markers and disease risk?

Inside we're all nerds about something. What makes you nerdy today?


  1. Can you send that my way? Mom

  2. Ms.Britt,someone told us apple juice was good for memory !After gallons of AJ ,my brain has left the building...Can you tell me what I did wrong ???


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