Nov 5, 2010

Well, hello November, I didn't see ya there.

Welcome November! My goodness where did summer go, I mean I know I was excited about fall, but I think fall's on it's way out too... I mean tonight there's a freeze warning (even though the low is only 33)!

But remembering the fall and all it brought.. and excited about the month that means Thanksgiving and the best football games. But first, October:

First, this is what I get to wake up to every morning, I have a 45 minute-ish eastern commute to work. In the spring I'm sure the sun will peg me in the face and blind me but for now it's beautiful! Only of course the days I didn't have my camera, they were even better. And yes, I know I should clean my windshield...

Then of course the food! Acorn squash or pumpkin bread anyone? (I'll put the recipes up later if you want them).

And then more food... didn't realize this'd be all about food. But the fabulous Kati Mason is getting married in less than 10 days, and so of course, I make a cake in honor of the future Kati Kern. (And yep, I have dreams of running a tiny cottage bakery someday).

And then as all October's we had Halloween! Okay, so on actual Halloween we attended our financial class at the Methodist Church in town... but the night before:
Don't worry, we understand that Christmas is not here yet, but it did help the costume that Walmart is already stocked with wrapping a paper!

Plans for the rest of Fall:
1. Finish my term paper... eww (but then really once I start I'll love it I'm sure).
2. Get my wedding pictures from the WONDERFUL and talented Jill Pfalser!
3. Visit my family in Lake Charles! Maybe they'll agree to be featured on the blog?
4. Go to College Station to see the Huskers woop up on the Aggies, lol, and see our Family Camp Family, yes!
5. Thanksgiving with the Hesses in Oklahoma... bring on the marshmallow war and the Black Friday deals!

What are your plans before the fall runs away from us??

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