Apr 26, 2016

Bumps, Bruises and Big Brother

We do find out the gender of Baby Number Three today! Mostly though we are praying that the ultrasound goes well and that this sweet little kicking baby is healthy. Until then, take a trip back to ten weeks.

Little Tiny Baby,

Today your big brother took a nasty fall. Twice. I am convinced that he was trying to get himself a 'cool' scar but I know that he's just young and didn't realize that he would trip and fall or that when he stepped backwards on stairs that he would go all the way down said stairs.

I imagine you two playing together and even the bumps and bruises that you may give each other. It makes me wonder if you're a little boy in there that will be the sidekick to all his adventures or maybe a little girl in there that will try so hard to tag along and at some point get kicked out when 'no girls allowed' comes into play.

I hope either way that you will take lots of adventures together. I hope that you will love each other. I hope that you are best friends and can make each other laugh in a way no one else can. I hope that you don't come home too banged up on account of your big brother's dare, but I'm sure there will be a few times.

I love you in there. I can't wait for you to come out and join our little family. On second thought, don't come out just yet, you need more time to cook and I need more time to get your brother ready for all this.

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