Apr 19, 2016

That Time I was Nine Weeks Pregnant

In my quest to make Baby Number Three feel loved, I give you: Week Nine

Little Tiny Nine Week Old Baby,

I love you. I'm sure your brother will love you too once he realizes you're there. Right now he's just taking advantage of Mom's extra squishy belly and the fact that my hormones make me want to cuddle him all the time. Tonight I read him a bedtime story and realized that you both were there. We sang a favorite "Rise and Shine" and at this point I'm sure you'll be born knowing the lyrics. I sang tonight thinking about my little Children of the Lord and how I pray for you to both rise and shine and give God the glory all the days of your life.

I love you. Also I apologize for my singing voice...

Note: Yep I'm a little behind... what's new?

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