Apr 12, 2016

Third Babies

You may remember in the days of old when I was pregnant and told you every detail. I sat with my feet up, justifying another yummy snack, typing away as I reflected on the little tiny eggplant-sized baby growing in my belly!

Today I usually remember that I'm pregnant when Lincoln jumps on my belly or when I realize a favorite shirt doesn't quite fit the same anymore. Sometimes my phone reminds me how 'far along' I am and most of the time I'm shocked.

I wanted to be all fit and in shape for Colorado so I did half of an easy-peasy workout DVD that is made for pregnant ladies. You'd probably get bored doing this video because it's so simple. Well, I couldn't walk straight for like three days without my legs giving out and them I remembered 'oh, that's right, I'm pregnant.'

My second exercise attempt was a quick walk pushing Lincoln in the stroller on the most perfect weather day. Lately Lincoln's wanted to play in the back yard so I'd slacked up on my walking... Yeah I was about halfway through my walk after a downhill and I had to stop and breathe. A downhill?! And then I remembered 'oh I'm like 18 weeks pregnant!' That's why.

So while I'm still doing my best to stay in shape and prepare for the mountains of Colorado, at least I appreciate the reminder.

Dear Little Baby Hess Number Three,

I love you. But I keep forgetting to take pictures of the tummy you're making on mommy. Someday I'll have so many things written about your sister and brother and well, just know that I love you too. If you get worried about my love for you, talk to Aunt Payton about her baby book. I'm pretty sure it was empty until a few years ago, but Grandma loves her very much.

There are a few pictures I took of 'you' even if it hasn't been every week...

By the looks of things, your brother must have been napping. I've got my workout shoes on so I was probably busy being really fit and you were probably wondering what unusual things were happening. You dad and I had just heard your little heart beat the day before and the doctor said it was 169 beats per minute. So far you're healthy, even though mom's exhausted. Your brother decided to get molars during week eight and therefore woke me up every two hours last night. You two are fighting for my attention already. I love you both. I'll try not to ever have a favorite, but I'm not sure how all that works yet.
I love you. We're making room for you. I promise.

Love you always,

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