Jul 28, 2014

Twenty Weeks: Christmas

July 13, 2014

Twenty Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

Today was what we call Christmas in July here at camp. We woke up and left our jammies on and ran to the lodge to fill it with Christmas cheer. The stockings were hung and the music was playing and the lodge smelled of cinnamon baking as we put the last touches on Christmas morning.

I love Christmas. So does your Dad. I'm sure you'll come to love it too.

We had monkey bread and chocolate milk and mangoes and cherries and even Chick-fil-a nuggets: all delicacies here at camp.

The morning was going quite splendidly up until worship time. After exchanging gifts we broke out instruments and began to worship. This Sunday, because it was Christmas in July, we sang Christmas songs. We started, "O Come All Ye Faithful..."

Then I started to cry. I didn't even think of it, but all of a sudden I couldn't handle it. Last time I gathered around people and sang Christmas carols it was Christmas Eve. You're sister had just gone to heaven and it was a very, very special time with me and God. I didn't realize that today I would think of all those things so vividly.

Someday I'll tell you the whole story, but until then know if I'm ever crying around Christmas, it's not always because I'm sad. It's because sometimes I'm just thinking of how great God is and how much I still love your sister.

Merry Christmas in July,

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