Jul 14, 2014

Seventeen Weeks: Bins Full of Pink

June 27, 2014

Seventeen Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

This week we heard your little heart beat again. After the doctor said 138 beats per minute she told me to "wait" as she walked over to her computer. I thought something was wrong. 138 sounded lower than I remember for your sister. I waited for what seemed to be a lifetime and turns out there was nothing wrong at all. The doctor just didn't want me to get all the gooey Doppler gel everywhere before she gave me a towel.

They say 138 means your a boy in there. I think you're a boy.

But I also thought your sister was a boy... and well, she wasn't. We have entire bins full of pink clothes and dresses and hair bows, so it would be funny if you were in fact a boy.

Don't worry, if you are a boy I won't make you wear all the pink... at least not in public.

Love always,

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