Jul 2, 2014

Fourteen Weeks: Camp Starts

June 6, 2014

Fourteen Weeks

Little Tiny Human,

I know you can't hear yet, but I started talking to you a lot this week. I spent a lot of time singing to you and about you this week too. I think about your sister all the time, so it's nice to add you to the mix.

I'm also waiting on pins and needles for a few things. First, will you move already? I know it's way too early for that, but I'm real excited to feel you start moving.

Second, are you a girl or a boy? Kick once for girl, twice for boy... okay?

Camp started this week. We had River Day, the Barn Dance, activities, families, the whole nine yards plus some. It's Friday night, your momma is tired.

Love always, even if you make me tired for the next 18 years,


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