Jun 7, 2013

High and Dry

So maybe the blog's been a little lacking lately... but we've been high and dry in more ways than one. Nope, not referring to the controversial law passed recently in the state of Colorado, but more the fast that we've been living at 8000+ feet (high) and like zero humidity (dry).

Or maybe it's that the blog has no posts.

We've been busy.

We've been...

DJ-ing, Dancing, Laughing, Tons of Pictures... And that's just one night of fun :) Oh I love camp...

But we've got more than just camp stuff planned this summer, we're working on a few other projects as well that we're excited to show off. Project in the middle of the summer? Yep, we're overachievers (said the woman whose blog hasn't had a post in two weeks...)

Love to ya from Colorado. It's officially summer, and I couldn't be more excited.

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